Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some of my "very laid back" voice over work for Big Cat Rescue & some words

Some of my friends were curious to hear the projects I've done for Big Cat Rescue. I'm super happy to share it with everyone. But not only is BCR an amazing place with a beautiful mission, they have a pure heart. They have written this about me and what I do.

Professional Voice Talent by:

Michael Miller has created all of the audio files for the big cat bios on this page and for our Vox guided tour system.  He has been a true joy to work with and has a passion for protecting cats.  If you need any kind of voice work, we highly recommend Michael, not only for his talent, but because of his integrity and his inspiring sense of gratitude.

What does one say about something so kind? Words are not enough to express my joy.

Please check out Big Cat Rescue. See what they do for the Big Cats and really for wildlife in general. Support them with a donation if you are able. Visit the Sanctuary in Tampa and spread the word about this incredible organization that I have been blessed to be a part of!

With that, please enjoy the dulcet tones of Harry Connick... Okay, it's just me.