Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freedom - Change - Love

Gratitude (ThanksGiving) Marathon Day Six -

Today, I am grateful for my freedom. I have spent a lot of time in the last 20 years moaning about my freedom and the lack thereof in these United States. And I stood by my belief that those freedoms were being whittled away little by little... and sometimes in big chunks. One thing I had mostly ignored in those years was the fact that I have the right to moan about these losses. I have the right to make a stand. And I have the right to go within my own heart and make the difference that sometimes others refuse to make.

Often I see our government as different sides of the same coin. Almost playing us as if its a game. Lest we forget that WE are the game changers. If we truly desire change, WE have the authority and the power to BE the change. If one says we have no power, they have made their decision. But One person can have a profound effect on another. And two People can change the world. There a
re more than two political parties. Look into them. See where you stand. Take the opportunity to learn and grow in these next four years. Shake up the system and your own beliefs. And then vote again, based on your new knowledge.

Freedom could not have been possible without a deep Love for it and Love for fellow human beings. Freedom is at the center of our being. And Love is at the center of Freedom. Whatever you see today, whatever happens... see only Love in and around you. And when a decision is made, even if it is not what you desired, remember to Love One Another no matter. Let your Being shine with Love. Vote with Love. Accept with Love. Go forward in Love. Heal with Love. Be Change. Be Love. Real Love!

- Michael