Monday, July 29, 2013

Professional Male / Female Voiceover Team available - Over 10,000 voice over projects between them presents two fantastic voiceover artists with over 10,000 voice overs to their credit. Linnea and Michael can combine their unique talents to bring you an amazing voiceover experience. Or you can hire them individually for your next project. Contact us at - or just call 804.60.VOICE for a price quote.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dr Wayne Dyer's Meditations for Manifesting can change your Life!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Bucks up to 150 word voiceover. Music to your ears!

10 Buck Special! Get a voicemail, audio narration or any other voice over up to 150 words and I'll even throw in music for only $10 - July 23rd thru 25th @ - No coupon code needed. Just call or email.

Talent available for this special

Michael Miller
Linnea Sage
Chris Paulus
Julio Es (Spanish)

Monday, July 15, 2013

3 voiceover slots open today - open special $20 for 150 words or less first three get em.

That's right. I've got 3 open slots today that need to be filled. I'll give the first three people who need a dry radio/tv/video ready voiceover, voicemail greeting, audio narration... of 150 words or less my $20 special. I'll even double or triple it up for you @ $20 per up to 150 (up to 150 $20 - 151-300 $40...)

Talents available for this special


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, division and the change it can bring

In 1992, I had just bought my first new car. It was a candy apple red Nissan Sentra. I was so proud of it. I drove to my best friends house to show him. Vance looked at the car and smiled. "I could never drive a red car." Thinking he was going to make fun of it, I barked, "Why? What's wrong with it?" His smile got a little bigger. He paused for a moment and said "Man, I'd be stopped 5 times a day if I owned that car." I had no clue what he meant. "Why would you get stopped? What are you, a robber?" I joked. We laughed. His tone became a bit more serious. "Mike, I'm Black."

We were standing in his yard on Winter's Lane in Baltimore, now recognized as the Winter's Lane Historic District, which houses the oldest remaining African American Church in Catonsville, established in 1868. I knew he was black. I knew there was still racism. But surely he wouldn't be pulled over for driving a red car. At that time I had never even known the words 'racial profiling'. "My brother drove a red car. He was stopped all the time." Vance said. "The cops stopped your brother all the time because he's a black guy and he drove a red car?" There was a divide of understanding between us. I just couldn't believe that this would happen. Not in the 1990's. And Vance didn't understand that I couldn't believe it.

I lived a few miles away in Halethorpe where the sun shined and birds went tweet tweet tweet. Sure, we had our share of long haired white guys on drugs but it was a fairly peaceful neighborhood. Vance lived in a small home that looked out on Baltimore National Pike. The house was cramped and Vance didn't even have a private bedroom. But I was always welcomed by his family and his mother never failed to say hello and spend a few minutes talking with me. She even gave me a wedding gift and a bestowed a blessing on me before getting married in 1989. I'm sure she knew that anyone who was going to marry me needed all the help they could get.

It seemed I was with Vance quite often. Laughing, carrying on, talking about whatever. Race didn't usually come up. But there was division and a lack of knowledge, mostly on my part. A few months before his mother passed on, we were talking about her high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which were dangerously out of control. Vance explained that this was common among African Americans due mostly to diet. I just sat there, again befuddled.

I knew nothing about black people except what I saw and what I had been taught. But I always had tried to look at everyone as an individual, rather than, as a race. I didn't always succeed.

I am at once amazed and disgusted by the history of the United States. Slavery, freedom, attempted genocide, a beacon of light to the world, puritanical denial of our faults, all mixed together in a cauldron of confusion. Many of us cannot see the forest for the trees. We do as so many have done for thousands of years. We treat ourselves as superior and our life as fans of a sports team. We (I'm saying we, but of course I mean simply the "stereotypical" we) hear about a young man such as Trayvon Martin, who was killed and we immediately react. The walls go up. The lines are drawn. There are no witnesses but we all seem to know the facts. We all know the story. And the two minute sound bytes on the news strengthen our resolve. One side defends itself. 'Trayvon was trying to hurt that poor man.' And the other side shouts 'Zimmerman is a racist and a killer.' And look at that. There are black and white and all of the other human colors on both sides of the issue. Why? There are various reasons. But a few are brave enough to say "no one knows what happened except for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman." and refuse to lay blame. What all of us do know for sure is that a mother has lost her son. Just like Vance lost his mother and a few months later, I lost Vance. And the world has lost another child.

And Mr. Zimmerman? How free will he ever be? A tired, exhausted jury, which I would not have wanted to be a part, found him not guilty. So although there are not bars holding him prisoner, will his own conscience be his jailer? Will our opinions keep him incarcerated? His guilt? Or perhaps just the fact that a child lay dead at his hands will be enough to make him a convict to his own mind.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King said "Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that." Yes, another life has left us. But many of us know that his Light is forever and that his Energy will be spread to create positive change. Let us Be the change we want to see. Let us be really, truly Loving, in the face of that which we cannot understand. Let us realize now, in this moment, as we grieve for Trayvon, that we are One. Let us end this division. Let us come together and repeat the words of Benjamin Crump, (the Martin Family Lawyer) "In order for Trayvon to rest in peace, we must All be Peaceful." Let us hold hands, cry, hug, laugh, understand and let go of our judgmental shackles. And then we will release ourselves from our own prisons, to be free. To Be Free.

Michael A Miller

Thursday, July 11, 2013 Bud's Tire Radio Commercial

Hot off the Griddle! Two takes of a new, time sensitive radio commercial, with and without music and effects. From your friends at

Friday, July 5, 2013 Fireworks Variety Voiceover Demo Reel

Happy Independence to Everyone Worldwide! A Fireworks Summer Mix of Voiceover Talent featuring the Legendary  Johnny Holliday! Plus the awesome vocals of Kim Alexander - Chris Paulus - Michael Miller -
Johnny Holliday – Legendary Radio and Television Veteran with too many Amazing Achievements to list here.  Credits include Washington Nationals, Maryland Terrapins, Football, ABC News, This week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts,  US Airways, GE, 9-11 Narrative, Jim Henson Documentary, King Hussein of Jordan Doc
Kim Alexander "An amazing voice."  Credits include - Sirius XM Radio, Host/Producer Book Radio, Voiceovers for The Blend, Augusten Burroughs, Y2 Country...
Chris Paulus Credits include, Happi 92.7 Erie, Hot 92, Hot 100, Altoona, PA, Legacy Financial, Dave Smith Motors and many more
Michael Miller Credits include - Social Sculpting, Diamond Media, Big Cat Rescue, WULA Radio, KQMK,  Slick Marketing, Cloud Expo Europe,, R'Leif Pain Cream, Oldies Radio Scotland, National Radio Ads for Arthritis Research, Fitness Together,, The ifoundyou Show,, Proven Resource, GoTalk2, Dodge Hunger, Wish Masters, Chawel, Intellectual Dynamics Corporation,, Livento Stores, SIGHT Paranormal,, Torrence Dental Associates,, PaddleYou,, SprySales, Doug Abney Video Productions, Jeffrix
Choose your voice artist, contact us and let the magic begin!

With Gratitude,

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Recent Voice Project Feedback:Perfect Brilliant Amazing! - Doug Abney Enterprises Video Productions
This Job was the most professional I've ever dealt with. Excellent! - Brooklyn Army Navy Store
Exactly the message and tone that what we wanted to convey. - Proven Resource
If people knew how professional Michael's voice is, all other voice artists would be out of business - Livento Stores
You might as well stop your search here, because the quality of work and service produced by Michael is unsurpassed. - Tim Frie, Jeffrix

Monday, July 1, 2013

We Proudly Welcome to, Broadcasting Legend Johnny Holliday!

July 1st, 2013 is so very excited to welcome veteran broadcaster, Johnny Holliday to our voiceover team!!! Visit the site for more information on this Legend.

As you'll hear on his voice reel, just a few of Holiday's highlights include Broadcasting Maryland Terrapins Football and Basketball, ABC News, This week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, US Airways, GE, Jim Henson Documentary, King Hussein of Jordan Documentary...

See and Hear Johnny Holliday at

From His Latest Biography

Washington's most versatile Broadcaster is....Johnny in his 35th year as play by play voice of the University of Maryland. Holliday has broadcast more than 1,200 Terp Football and basketball games, including 12 bowl games, 10 sweet sixteen's, 2 final four appearances and Maryland's National Championship victory over Indiana in 2002.

Johnny's sports reports are heard mornings coast to coast on the ABC Radio Network, as well as Sirius. Dick Vitale has named Johnny one of his Top 15 play by play voices in the nation. Holliday's list of credits include ABC's coverage of the Winter and Summer Olympics, championship boxing, the USFL with Hall of Famer Paul Hornung,