Monday, July 15, 2013

3 voiceover slots open today - open special $20 for 150 words or less first three get em.

That's right. I've got 3 open slots today that need to be filled. I'll give the first three people who need a dry radio/tv/video ready voiceover, voicemail greeting, audio narration... of 150 words or less my $20 special. I'll even double or triple it up for you @ $20 per up to 150 (up to 150 $20 - 151-300 $40...)

Talents available for this special


Demos available as soon as you hit the site -

We work with only professional equipment and talent who are staples in the industry. This is not some 5 buck kid with a cheap microphone. Our artists have voiced for years.

or call 804.60.VOICE

First come first voiced!

With Gratitude,