Thursday, May 23, 2013

Like Leaves

This day has had a very odd feel for me. I walked about 9 or 10 miles this morning. Just walking in circles really. Towards the parkway. Hope the biker found the motorcycle shop in Laurel Fork. I didn't even know we had one. Sweet Bike Though. New projects didn't come in till late. A wonderful surprise of beautiful flowers and a balloon from my big sis. Cool and fun stuff happening on a new project Chris and I are working on. Crazy weather. And the news about Desia. I didn't know her very well. We spoke a few times when I worked at walmart and afterwards too. You couldn't really live in the area and go to Galax without knowing or at least seeing Desia. My heart sunk when mom told me and I couldn't say anything.
The roller coaster ride of this day reminds me that we are here, experiencing every emotion. And yes there are so many that rip our hearts out. But if we will understand that, no matter what we believe, we are energy, that very same energy that makes up the entire Universe, and we cannot be destroyed, we can be comforted. Cover yourself in the warm blanket of your faith, or in your knowledge. Your family or your own Spirit. We have one another, for how ever long we are here. And once someone has moved on physically, we still have them with us. They are inside of us. Grieve. Bring your sorrows close to you. Acknowledge them and let them go. Like leaves, we grow, bring life, and shade, fall to the ground and then are born once again. Rejoice in the never ending cycle that is life.
- Michael Miller