Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sirius XM Radio Host of Book Radio lends her Voiceover Talents to

AS announced yesterday, is very pleased to announce that Kim Alexander has joined us here at Join us in welcoming Kim!!! Read her mini Bio and view her voice reel below.

Washington DC Legend, Kim Alexander.

Kim has been a staple on D.C. Area Radio For years. Metro Traffic Control, and is the Host and Producer of Book Radio on Sirius XM Channel 80. She's produced the Augusten Burroughs show as well. You can hear her voiceover work on the Blend too. In addition to Kim's many talents, she is also a copywriter and Loves Her Cats!

Hire Kim to voice your next Radio or TV Commercial, Audio Book Narration, Voicemail Message, IVR, Station ID, Imaging