Monday, June 10, 2013

Help Raise money to help adapt a house for Millie's electric wheelchair.

I always look for worthy causes to donate a little money to here and there. Give Something - Get Something More. Well, this cause found me. I am hoping to help Millie and her sister raise money to adapt their home for her electric wheelchair. You can donate $5 and get a joke. Or donate more, just to help out. If you select "order more than one" and choose 4, you will donate $20. Add all of the gig extras and donate another $30 for a total of $50. Note: Fiver takes 20% off the top so they will get $40 if you donate $50. This is a great way to give! Send your Positive Energy and Your Love!

Welcome to Benny and Millie's joke shop! We are raising money to help adapt our house for Millie's electric wheelchair. We think we need to sell about 10,000 jokes to raise enough money to do this!

With Gratitude,