Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fasting - 61 hours later

Well, about 61 hours later. Just a slight headache from my fast. Hungry in the afternoon and evenings but morning is fine. The worst part is probably feeling weak like I want to sleep... and stupid commercials for pizza on TV. lol  ... I could murder a vegan pizza right now. (ala Onslow) 

Pretty sure I'll make it until tomorrow morning. 3 1/2 days. Can't really go much longer because it's worrying my mom. I know she's just concerned.

I very much recommend fasting for anyone who wants to cleanse their system and receive a lot of clarity, particularly when you're facing a dilemma. If you work, like most of us, make sure to do it on a weekend or when you have two days off. And give someone else the keys if you must go somewhere.

Have an excellent day all.