Thursday, September 13, 2012

Silent Prayer Requests

Good Morning Everyone!!! Last Night I attended our Unity service to celebrate the beginning of World day of Prayer. For 24 hours and the following 30 days afterwards, there will be silent prayer by people all over the world, for people all over the world. The Prayers are affirmations of Love, Health, Joy... Tomorrow morning I will be praying silently for an hour or more for people on my list. If you would like to have yourself or someone you know held in Loving Prayer, please email me first name(s) only (you may also DM my twitter account @michaelsresults or leave a comment on my blog) and I will add it or them to my Prayer list. (I'll begin about 8:30 AM Eastern Time) Afterwards I will forward the list to Unity Village, Missouri where Prayer will continue for 30 more days.

You may also visit the World Day of Prayer Site to learn more about this wonderful event.